Thursday, November 15, 2007

This past weekend I went shopping at Walmart.

If anyone reading this knows me personally then you must be scratching your head right now because Walmart is not where I usually shop, ever, because Walmart scares me....the confusion, the sales, the merchandise.

But my life has changed. I now am living in a rural town and any kind of store is hard to come by.

More importantly, some of your posts have convinced me that shopping at Walmart is a fun and happy thing. And I thank you for that, because you are right. I stand corrected. Walmart is a shopping experience that I am feeling more comfortable about.

Capt, me and the kids walked into Walmart and immediately rallied around a huge container of DVD’s for sale. ‘2 for $10', what a bargain!

The container of DVD’s were all scattered around, haphazardly, careless, willy nilly, in a messy, unorganized pile. We all dug down deep in the pit of never-ending DVD’s and pulled out a few worthy ones.

As we looked at our picks, deciding which 2 we wanted to purchase, I posed a question to my loved ones:

"Is it just me, or does anyone else have an uncontrollable desire to organize all of these into a neat, organized, alphabetical pile?"


*weird looks*

And finally: "Um, no, Theresa, that’s just NOT right.", said the boy, adamantly disagreeing with me.

Thus marking the first time in the 3 years that I’ve known him, to take a stand against my unique (his words, not mine) quirks.


Nadine said...

Too funny.

Morning Glory said...

I'm afraid I'd be tempted to at least stack them up, though not necessarily alphabetically.

ThomasEU aka mofongoman said...

The reason that there are messy piles of merchandise is a plot to make people think that you and I are crazy. Of course, you alphabetize them; that is our calling. That and straightening out cans of food at Stop and Shop.
Orderliness rules!

Looney Mom said...

OMG, girl. We spend the bulk of our income at WM. We truly should invest in stock. That's where we get all our household stuff and groceries. I'm not sure how we would make it otherwise.

But now, I know which mess of DVDs you are talking about. You are a bit cuckoo to even try and organize that disaster! I do wish you could come and help me get it together here at my casa! Bummer.

I miss you. Love you!

Dawn said...

If you did organize them, they'd be a mess again in a few seconds!

I have to say that I refuse to go there on Saturday - some people treat it as a fun outing and let their kids run wild. Not my idea of fun.

We now have two Super Walmarts in our too-fast-growing town, and I haven't even been to the new one, which is about 2 miles from my house, and on my way home from work, instead of 6 miles out of my way.