Sunday, November 18, 2007


I did something very bold on Friday, or insane, either way, I'm glad I did.

Many of you know that I have worked as a paralegal, in another state, for so many years I can't even remember. I have lived in Connecticut since May of this year. Crazy, right? The commute (2.5 hours) is wearing me out. My sister has been gracious enough to let me stay with her during the week so that I don't have to drive home, but I live out of a suitcase all week. My weekends are spent in CT and I get upset every Monday morning when I leave my home to go back to NY. (Although my neice and nephew come running to me with big hugs and smiles when they see me, that makes it more worth while.)

A few weeks ago I gave my company notice that I will be leaving. Even know they knew this day would be coming sometime, they freaked out a little and asked if I'd stay until January 1st. I kind of agreed by stating, "I'll do my best." (At least I've learned a few things about the art of lawyering...)

Since then I've been interviewing replacements for my job on Thursdays. And I've been going on interviews in CT on Fridays. Thereby enjoying the benefit of long, three day weekends.

I haven't been getting a good feeling about some of the jobs I've seen or been offered in CT. Even though they know that I am not familiar with the types of law and procedures and they are willing to take a chance on hiring me, the jobs don't seem right for me.

Panic started sinking in last week when I realized that the jobs that are hiring are for corporate positions and I'm not the 'corporate' type. And parking fees for corporate jobs are expensive, some are over $250 per month! I'm used to working around the corner and coming home for lunch. Not only that but $250 would cut into my shoe and handbag expense and I just can't have that, right?

Also, I'm used to being in charge, being the's going to be a huge adjustment to not be in charge at work.

More importantly, I want to do the same thing I've been doing, I feel more comfortable doing the same thing and I will feel more confident doing the same type of job.

So Friday, I put on a suit, got my brief case, put a nice, crisp resume inside it and drove to a local firm that specializes in Family Law. I said a prayer and walked inside.

I had been driving past this firm for a few years. I've been asking local attorneys about them and their reputation since I moved in. I've been searching the internet and newspapers for jobs that they might be offering, to no avail. Ever since I've moved here, I've wanted to work there. It would be the easiest transition for me. And I know that my experience would be a great asset to them.

The receptionist gave me a big smile when I told her why I was there. She brought me into the waiting area and told me that the partners will be in to see me in a few minutes.

"Strange", I thought, they didn't even know that I was coming. It is very unusual for an attorney practicing family law to be available on a Friday (visitation issues are high priority on Fridays), no less two attorneys being available at the same time.

When they came in they had looks of amazement on their faces. They both commented on how unusual it was that I would just walk in and ask for a job. It seems that they both had just then at that exact moment decided to hire a paralegal and were discussing it together.

They both commented on how weird it was that they were both free to sit and talk to me for the two hours that they did because the past two months have been crazy with trials and their workload has been overwhelming.

I liked them immediately. They showed me around (which is always a good sign) and asked when I would be available to start, if, of course, they decide to hire me. When I told them January 1st, they said that is when they would need me to start.

They seemed to like what I had to offer them, not that they were looking for someone who could do the things I can. They even seemed okay with the salary I am looking for, even though they weren't planning to hire someone for that salary. They said that they would have to create a position for me, something new that they never tried before.

I told them how much I am interested in the job and the firm, how I feel like the other jobs offered to me just didn't feel I've never just walked into a firm and asked for a job but I just felt so compelled to.

So, now I wait to hear from them.

And I am totally amazed that I did something so brazen and bold.


Looney Mom said...

That is COOL! I pray it works out for you and this is where you are supposed to be. I admire your insanity! LOL!

Morning Glory said...

Wow! How awesome! Good luck to you and I hope you hear good news soon.

Ann(ie) said...

GOOOOOD for you. I'm impressed. What beautiful timing. Hoping for more good news!! ;)

Nadine said...

Good for you! I will say that you felt so bold because God was guiding you. So my prayer is this that they would hire you and this piece of the puzzle would fall into place for you.