Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sorry in advance, but it was too cute to not share.

Dave: Jen, how's your vitamins coming along?

Jen: Fine, and yours?

Dave: Well I'm feeling better, but still having trouble sleeping. And now when I poop, man it just comes out so easy now.

Jen: Really, mine's still the same.

This is where I turn around as I'm doing the dishes and say, "Okay kids, enough with the poop talk, you guys sound like a bunch of old people and I'm too young this right now!"


Looney Mom said...

Yikes. Ya... ok... hee hee. Funny! Maybe I need to take more vitamins too. LOL!

MugwumpMom said...

It's like listening to two little ole ladies comparing their bowel movements, deary...scary, very scary!

Anonymous said...

Hey man, my 6-year-old can attest to the importance of proper pooping. When he's feeling, eh hem, stuck, he's quick to yell to daddy, "I need an apple!" He still hasn't learned to eat those apples BEFORE hand.