Tuesday, January 02, 2007

An Embarrassing M@er

The Queen over at Miller Mayhem is posting about embarrassing moments. This is one of mine and yes, any of you who know me know that there are many.

When my boys were young they joined a wrestling team. Every Saturday we would spend the whole day in an auditorium waiting around to see them wrestle. To any of you who ever had to endure such butt torture, I will say no more about the hours and hours of sitting on those evil wooden planks.

One of those wrestling Saturdays fell during my law finals. I sat up high on the bleachers for ultimate back support, opened my brief case and spread out my study notes all over the place. As I was engrossed in the study of torts I heard, over the loud speaker, my boy's names advising us to get them weighed in. I had to hurry up, grab my stuff and take them across the gym to get weighed in a locker room in a matter of seconds because everyone was waiting for them to begin.

The gym was filled with hundreds of people sitting in the bleachers.

My boys started off ahead of me.

My boys decided to cut across the gym in front of the whole audience in stead of walking around the perimeter like everyone else.

I hate drawing attention to myself, but it was a shortcut and not only was I having a great hair day I had taken the time to apply makeup.

There was nothing else going on at the time so the floor was empty except for my boys walking across it.

I had my papers and books in my arms, my briefcase and purse over my shoulder when it happened.

My foot got caught under the mat.

I fell face first.

My papers and books when flying.

Everyone gasped.

My boys started laughing, loudly.

Hundreds of eyes were on me.

I just laid there for a moment in my embarrassment.

And my boys learned a valuable lesson on respect: that even though rolling on the floor laughing at their mother could be a first reaction, it isn't the appropriate one.


Anonymous said...

Ouch! Yes...I too have had many embarassing moments...most of them involving kids!

Looney Mom said...

Oh no! Poor T. Wow. That's a biggie. I can't even imagine. I'm glad you survived it! Moreso, I'm glad your boys survived it! LOL!

Anonymous said...

They must not know the rule....ALWAYS ensure the person is NOT hurt before you begin laughing hysterically at their clumsiness! :) I am certain this was a lesson you taught them once you returned to the safety of your home! Thanks for the great post!

Momish said...

Oh, poor you, but at least you can now laugh at it! Thanks for sharing, I needed that!

Dawn said...

I shared one of mine earlier this year when my daughter tried to get people to do this - without much success! It involves a gift of negligee in a public setting - I called it "Love is a Very Splendid (oops, Embarrassing) Thing!

Anonymous said...

What a great life lesson and I am sure your boys have never forgotten any of it.

I always say everything is for a reason and I am sure this was too! :o)

It was lovely visiting your blog and I look forward to more visits in this new year.

best wishes to you Lee-ann

Mama C-ta said...

LOL oh no!