Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Oven Saga

YNB: Capt, don’t you think you should get a new oven since yours is not even working properly and it’s gas and could explode or something? I mean, I burn everything I bake because the thermostat is broken, I don’t even know if I’m putting it on broil, bake or self-clean!

Capt: Nah, maybe I’ll just replace this knob at Home Depot. (30 miles away)

[So off we go on Sunday, right after church still in our Sunday clothes (which gives me the creeps because that place is so dusty and dirty)]

Looking, looking, looking.

Capt: Do you know the brand of oven I have?

YNB: “Obsolete”

Capt: Very funny.

We go home without the knob.

Capt: Hey, maybe I’ll look for a new knob on the computer.

Looking, looking, looking.

Capt: Hey Babe, I can’t find the knob on the internet.

YNB: Have you tried, Antiques dot com?

Capt: Very funny.

To be continued......


Lala's world said...

ok world wide.....they are all the same!

Anonymous said...

LOL.. our oven stopped keeping the temperature and it would burn, or melt everything instantly! lol

mofongoman said...

use the gas grill in the backyard and be a little adventurous [or chilly]

MugwumpMom said...

Doesn't that just drive you IN SANE!! Are determined to:
- find where they're going without asking
- fix the derelict until it's nothing but bondo and duct tape and even then, heh, it still works
- keep the circa 80's furniture 'cause after wall "what's wrong with it"

I agree with Lala - the world over, they're all the same