Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What I Overheard....

A tender Sunday evening conversation:

Boy (in the process of taking a shower): DAD!
Dad: Yes son.
Boy: Will I be with you this week ?
Dad: No son, you will be with your mom until Sunday morning when I pick you up.
Boy: Why won’t I be with you for the weekend?
Dad: I’m going to a conference on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and will be home late so I will pick you up early in the morning.
Boy: Where is the conference?
Dad: In Chicago.
Boy: Is that far?
Dad: Yes.
Boy: What kind of conference?
Dad: ADHD conference.
Boy: Did you set up the conference, Dad, you know, call everyone to be there?
Dad: No, I didn’t son.
Boy: Why are you going?
Dad: To learn more about ADHD.
Boy: Like what I have?
Dad: Yes.
Boy: Who else is going?
Dad: Hundreds of people, people who are parents with children that have ADHD and ADD, teachers....lots of us will be there.
Boy: Oh. (pause)
Boy: I love you Dad.
Dad: I love you too son.


MugwumpMom said...

Bet that made you all warm and fuzzy inside....I know I'm aaawwwwwing right about now.

Looney Mom said...

How sweet. I'm "aaawwwwwing" too.

Yellow Mama said...

Kids know when they are loved!

Yellow Mama said...

So...did your son write the letter or did you. All I got was a couple of coupons...Aparantely you have more clout! Smiles...

Nancy said...

As a retired teacher, you know I loved this post. Kids are a blessing indeed.