Monday, October 16, 2006

The Life of T

I've been feeling a bit lonely lately; sometimes I get like that. I came up with an idea, not a great idea, but an idea nonetheless. I'd like to bring you all with me for 24 hours so you can see the life I lead. I'm gonna start right now and see if I can keep adding onto this post for 24 hours.

Wanna come?

7:30pm - just came home from work and sitting on my bed typing away as the tub fills up for a bubble bath. This is my bed, I just got a new comforter:

Now if you will excuse me I'll take my bath:

And I'm in bed by 8:30. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

5:30am - GOOD MORNING! Excuse me while I go downstairs and get my wake up, Mineral water with lemon....yea, I know - boring, but I gave up my beloved Pepsi last month *sob* no more caffeine for YewNorkBabe.

While I was in the kitchen I planned out by breakfast - oatmeal pancakes, strawberries and grapefruit. For lunch I'll have chicken, apple and walnut salad. I marinated the chicken breasts in Italian dressing, when I get back from Curves I will broil them.

Making breakfast:

My yummy breakfast:

Oh yea, I have to plan dinner, my friend John and his kids are coming over for dinner so I might just make left over chili with cornbread....they are going to help me take out the carpets in my den and livingroom because tomorrow morning I'm having new carpet installed.

It's 6:30am, gotta get my butt out of here, my neighbor will be picking me up in 10 minutes to go to Curves.

Look: Kage wants a doggie bone before I leave.

I chose this shirt to workout in this morning:

8:00am back from Curves, made breakfast, made lunch, took shower and now I'm moisterizing....that takes a looooooong time.

Blogger isn't allowing me to post anymore pictures, I will try to upload them later.

I've got to get dressed and put my makeup on, lest I scare the co-workers. Made my bed and finished recharging the battery for my power drill. (People, I'm not all girly-girly!)

(If I don't put this in, Capt will bring it to your attention) After I'm all dressed and ready to leave, I get on my knees and clean up my bathroom, even wipe the white tile on the floor. He thinks I'm nuts. I just like a clean bathroom to come home to.

On my way to the bank, I've got to wire transfer $94,500 to a client....mmmmm, maybe I'll accidently put my routing number on the slip..... -just thinkin'

I'm at work now, it's 9:30. Hope your all having a great day.

12:30pm - eating lunch at my desk. It was a good choice to use Boston lettuce in this salad. It's buttery taste blends well with the apples and walnuts...yummmmmmmm.
I broiled a skinless, boneless chicken breast that was marinated in Italian dressing that I made this morning. I put chopped celery, chopped apple and walnuts together, added the cubed chicken and poured some of the dressing on top. Then I brought Boston lettuce in another container and when it was time for lunch, added the other ingredients and tossed.

Work is going well so far, not too much stress. But when the boss comes in after 1pm it will be insane!

3:30 and I'm taking a break. Last week I saw a new client, she was a mess, she looked like she was about ready for a nervous breakdown. She came in today and looked completely together. She is a believer. Last weekend she took a boating course and took the boat her estranged husband and her bought ($189,000 - so it must be more like a yacht) and took it, ALL BY HERSELF, to Connecticut! ALL BY HERSELF! She went for a job interview today and got a job earning $44 per HOUR! You see, her Christian husband left her for another woman 2 months ago, she is devistated, betrayed, broken. I remember that feeling. But I'm astonished at her ability to function like she is. She's going to make it, that I'm sure of. She's an amazing woman. Break over, back to work.

5:20 I still have a client in my office right now and everyone else is gone. John and his kids are coming over at 6:00 for dinner....I'm getting stressed!!!!!

6:00 Got home and started making cornbread. Heated up the chili. John, Kim and Dan came over at 6:30. We ate and started moving all the furniture out of the den and livingroom because my son forgot to do it before he left for work. Then we cut the old carpet in strips, rolled it up and tied them....they are still sitting in the foyer. Maybe when my son gets home he will bring them down the driveway. As for my daughter, she's allergic to carpets. When she came home at 7:00 she helped as much as she could. She gets asthma attacks if she has to be around dust.

It's 9:00pm and I'm exhausted. I'm going to take a shower and crawl into bed.

Thank you for sharing my day it's been fun.


MugwumpMom said...

Ok, you are way too organized in the morning!! Me? Get up, bath, check email, change, makeup, leave 5 bucks on the counter for junior's lunch, and rush out the door to the Tim Horton's drivethru and my first claim of the AM...the thought of planning dinner or making lunch is so foreign to this random brain of mine! I think I'd do so much better health wise with your routine.
Enjoy your day at work.
(Do you drive to work, or take the train? or ?)

theresa said...

I drive to work - 2 miles of the reasons I don't mind traveling 154 miles to see Capt on the weekends.

I'm on the South Beach Diet, so I have to plan my meals. Plus, I LOVE cooking, it's my way to relax.

Dawn said...

How's South Beach going? I like your schedule - wish I could work out before work instead of after dinner. I drive 11 miles north and get there by 7:00 so I can get some personal stuff done before I really start my job at 7:30.

Dawn said...

One more thing - sprained ankles are a pain. In every way. I don't think they ever truly go away, because they're so weak that they reinjure so easily.

theresa said...

Dawn: I actually lost 12 lbs on the "Beach". It was hard the first 2 weeks, but now I understand it and know what to keep in my refrigerator so that I don't have to grocery shop every morning and night. I have no desire for sweets or pasta like I used to. I do eat whole wheat bread or couscous every day. The best thing is that I fit into lots more of my clothes and I have more choices of what to wear.

Lala's world said...

wow that was really cool! great insight into your routine! the salad you made sounds yummy! I need to preplan my lunches cuz the overtoasted toast with PB just isn't cutting it!!

Looney Mom said...

I wish I were as organized and diligent as you. I NEED YOU! You rock, sister! Thanks for sharing your day.

yerdoingitwrong said...

Good idea. That was fun to read! And I'm ALSO impressed with your organization in the morning!!! It's a grumpy whirlwind around here. I'm calmer by the time I get to Starbucks for my morning fix.

Monica said...

Good deal, Theresa! That was cool! I like this idea. It should be a MEME, whatever the heck that means.

I totally understand cleaning the bathroom. My continual goal is to CLEAN maybe weekly, maybe less often but that's because I straighten up and clean up behind me (and everyone else) regularly. I'm still determined to get a housekeeper to come in every other week, if I can swing that one day soon.

I may mimic you on this one day. Awesome post!