Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm Bringin' Sexy Back

First of all, I love peach/blueberry pies. I used to make pies and sell them when my children were young for extra income. I do not like or eat pie, but for some reason I love peach/blueberry pies.

In the second phase of the South Beach Diet there is a yogurt smoothie recipe for breakfast. When the day came for me to enjoy one, I was ecstatic. I made a strawberry/blueberry one. It was delicious.

The next week I was going over to Connecticut to see Capt and I made sure I asked him if he had a blender. He assured me that he did. That's when I planned on trying a peach/blueberry smoothie reminescent of the pie I love so very much. Excitement filled the air as I carefully packed up all the fixin's for the weekend, including ingredients for the smoothie that I was so craving.

When I woke up the next morning in CT, I got out of bed and proceeded to make the Peach/blueberry smoothie. There might have even been a few dance moves to show my excitement. But alas, no blender. Capt looked for it and then remember that he left it at work. He was making protein shakes and forgot about it still being there. I was disappointed and ate the yogurt and blueberries separately without their delectable blendature. Still, I felt like I had been somehow gypped.

This morning, after Curves, I went food shopping. I planned some meals last night and needed the ingredients. This morning's breakfast was going to be a spinach frittata, but the grocery store was Too crowded and took longer than I expected. So I got this great idea - why not make my peach/blueberry smoothie? Yeah, I was excited again!

I got home, unpacked the bags and proceeded to formulate the most expensive (blueberries are not in season here), delicious smoothie ever created. The blender was whirling away. I took out a piece of Waterford stemware, just to make it more purdier.

When I lifted the glass off of the blender to pour, the bottom of the glass part stayed and all of my peach/blueberry smoothie went all over me, my dog, the floor, the counter, the cabinets, the throw rug and stovetop.

It took me an hour to clean it all up. Those blueberries stain stuff! Even after my shower, I still found some smooched blueberry behind my neck....yes I did!

I’m guessing I’ll never have the pleasure of enjoying a peach/blueberry smoothie. (But *ahem* I might have tried a few spoonfuls off of the countertop, maybe, and *ahem* if I actually did to that, it was *ahem* worth it. And if I did it while purply goodness dripped off of my hair and face, I’m so very glad that there was no one there to see me.)

***I would have taken a photo for all of you to see but not only would I have dripped all over the house to get the camera, the blueberries were staining my white kitchen cabinets so I had to work really fast, plus the dog was dripping with it too, and I didn't want him to move an inch.


MugwumpMom said...

No picture?

Do you have "Booster Juice" franchises there? They make wonderful any flavour you want smoothies and put vitamins and such into them for the "boost"

Morning Glory said...

Oh bummer! No photo???

I probably would have licked it off the counter top!

theresa said...

LOL, I should have thought about that....licking it off of the time!

Looney Mom said...

Ha ha! I would have loved to see that. Although I am sorry about the mess - I'm sure it was a HUGE one! And for that cost, you shoulda been licking it off the countertop, no? Hee hee!

Nancy said...

My first time here but I had a great laugh... I can just picture it. Better luck next time.

Dawn said...

I don't think it's meant to be! I'm sure glad it didn't get on your new carpet! Sounds yummy, though.

The university I work at has a shop that sells fruit smoothies and they are very popular with the students. They look good, but only students seem to be able to afford them!

Angel Feathers Tickle Me said...

An Angel Visits You

Monica said...

Oh you poor thing! It's funny but I'm stifling my laughter. :-)

I can see ou've been a busy bee. I think I'll go see what else you've been up to.