Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thankful Thursday

Remember when I posted about the absolutely wonderful weekend I had? And that it was so wonderful that I could not express it in words?

Well, last weekend I took off an extra day and had a 4 day weekend with Capt. We went to Rhode Island and took a helicopter ride along the coast and saw the mansions in Newport. We shopped, ate a delicious gourmet lunch, stayed at a great hotel, went to Mohecan Sun Casino and gambled $20 away, spent the next day relaxing and doing nothing.

...and now THAT is the best weekend ever.

We were talking about all the things we’ve done and places we’ve gone over the past 1 ½ year since we started dating and were amazed. It’s gone so quickly and we have jam-packed so much fun in that short time.

It’s not only the fun we have, but the fact that we really enjoy spending time together. I’ve never experienced that before. Just going to the grocery store is a blast! Just holding on to his hand as we walk along is fantastic.

I guess this is what love is supposed to be like....who knew?


Lala's world said...

ahhhh that is so sweet!! sounds like a great relationship!!! wonder when it is going to go to the next level??? hmmmm????

MugwumpMom said...

I was thinking the same thing as Lala....hmmmmmm?? He definitely is a keeper and you are a keeper too!

Dawn said...

My very thoughts were expressed by Mugwumpmom - a keeper! Helicopter rides sound like such fun.

I'm with you on the dishwashing tabs - that was very well done!

theresa said...

Thanks ladies for the kind words, he is a keeper and the bonus is he has wonderful children! We are taking things very slowly, we aren't in any rush.

Looney Mom said...

That is just so precious. You deserve to have a wonderful man like Capt. who will love you and cherish you because, my dear sister, YOU ARE SO WORTH IT! Take good care of eachother.