Friday, August 01, 2008

Let the rain pour

We were driving together as the gentle rain fell, Pookie and I. During times like these, when it's just her and I, she tends to open up and tells me of the things that run around her head. And I love it ....and her.

It brings me back to when my children were teenagers and our car rides with their heartbreaking drama that didn't seem so heartbreaking by the end of our drive. Sometimes just listening to them talk about their problems would help them figure it all out themselves. They still do that these days, even though they are well past their teenage years.

She was sitting in the passenger side of my truck, excitedly telling me of the newest drama with her and her friends when in mid-sentence she stopped and asked, "Theresa, do you hear that?"

"What?", I asked.

"Oh my gosh, THAT, want is that noise?", she asked again, as she folded herself frontwards to look on the floor of the front seat.

"I don't hear anything, what is the noise?", I asked.

She looked all around.

"You've got to hear it!!!! I'M NOT CRAZY!!!! ", she screamed.

More searching. And then.....

"Theresa, it''s..........oh, it's the windshield wipers...."

We laughed until the tears started falling.

"You've got to blog this.", she said and then continued where she left off talking about the important things that are going on that are shaping her into a remarkable, intelligent and beautiful young lady.

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Nadine said...

That's funny.

When funny things happen my hubby will say the same thing - you should blog about this.