Tuesday, January 29, 2008

She Dreams

My long-time friend Dee and I were talking on our cell phones Sunday while I was crossing the Sound on a ferry. I was visiting my daughter for lunch and transferring my granddog back to her after a week of visiting with me, his Grandma.

Well, my friend Dee is hanging on to her sanity by a thin thread right now. She is about to lose everything she has because of bad decisions in her life. We both commented on how we both have noticed that we have stepped a bit back from our relationships with God, that we weren't doing the same things we used to. Things like ...well... more prayer, more of reading the Bible and setting aside time for Him.

We both told each other that we will become accountable to each other this month and speak every other day, write our goals down on paper and read them to each other and make a plan to get there. I know I have to find a different church to attend, a church where I will fit better. I love the church I attend now, but I know there is a better fit somewhere else.

So, we made a pact to get back to living our lives more in a Biblical fashion.

I suggested that we don't go around stoning people though. We agreed to leave that part of living more like the Bible out. I don't think Jesus would mind.

I guess with all of talking with Dee and with me looking around on the internet for a new church, last night I had this dream:

A boy was walking down the street throwing wadded up yellow papers at my neighbor's houses. I knew he was an angel. When he passed in front of my house I reached out my hand and was so afraid I wouldn't catch the ball of paper (I can't catch to save my life), but it landed right in my hand. I asked for another one and my neighbors all told me that wouldn't be possible. But the angel threw me another. I asked for another and another and I wound up with 5 before he walked on to another house.

As I opened them up inside each one was a prize. A gold coin, a gold trinket, a silver coin, and a stamped piece of gold. It was a stamped with a seal that read, "you belong to me" in Hebrew lettering. When I opened the last gift it was a brilliant pear shaped sapphire ring with a card. The ring fit my right finger perfectly. The card said, something to the effect of "Many blessings on your engagement, Love, Jesus Christ".

Just then Jesus came to my front door. Everyone inside bowed, so I did. Then He walked passed us and looked up and started laughing. People stood around Him, but kept their distance. I just walked right up to Him and he pointed to my ceiling and said, "Nice job on making the hole those guys used to lower the sick man to get healed into a pull down door". We both were laughing about it. He walked around my house and then He was gone.

Whenever I have a dream like that I've got to wonder why. What is the meaning? Or does it even have a meaning?

It was a wonderful dream either way and at least I made Jesus laugh.


Dawn said...

That is an amazing dream - and that you could remember such detail. I think it would be cool to make Jesus laugh, too. And I like to think of him that way!

I trust you'll find just the right church. I haven't changed churches in so many years that I would not even want to think about having to try!

nancygrayce said...

I've only been a member of 3 churches in my life and all in the same town! I do feel strongly about the local body of Christ and about all Christian denominations be unified. I love the church family! So here's praying you'll find the right place to worship.

Nadine said...

My husband teaches dream interpretation classes. When I read this dream I was so excited. It is a great dream filled with meaning. The number 5 means grace. Your dream is filled with grace, clothed in holiness and redemption. The best part is God's seal that you belong to Him.

That's just my quick interpretation. I emailed my hubby (he's away teaching a class on dreams) and he will take a look and if he has anything good to add, I'll let you know.

Monica Chadwell said...

Hi Theresa -

I found your site through another friend's blog. Kate, from Stuff and More Stuff.

I loved this post, and your dream too. What a cherished blessing to have been in the presence of Jesus in such a way. Love it!!

Like Dawn, I like to make Him smile too. Of course, laughing is even better!!

Blessings to you.