Sunday, January 20, 2008

This might take a while so sit down, grab a nice icy diet Coke (which seems to be the Blogger's drink of choice), a healthy snack (fat, sugar, artificial sweetner, cholestrol and salt not allowed - besides the diet Coke is bad enough for you) and come visit the past three weeks of my new life in 2008, so far.

Where do I even start?

First, I've missed you all very much. I've been taking a few minutes here and there to read what you all have been doing now and then, which has been a great comfort.

Even though I am loving my new life in Connecticut, including my new job and spending more time with Capt and his family, I've been feeling like nothing is 'familiar' anymore. So, I've been closing myself off a bit, reflecting on my present and future.

Also, I've been trying to think more of a 'couple' rather than the independant person I've been for so long.

I'm not doing so great at that since yesterday I told Capt, "Well after lunch with your father I have to be in Rocky Hill", "Why"?, he asked. Me: "To look at a kitten someone at work is trying to find a home for". "Ummmm, don't you think that is something we should discuss first"?, he reminded me. Me: "Oh, yes, I guess you're right".

Silly me.

It turned out to be a grown cat, adorable black with white socks and sage green eyes. And, as Capt told me would happen, it is well-known that when you go to 'see a cat' you go home with it.

And so we did.

Right now she's hidding under my bed. Hopefully by this afternoon she will feel comfortable to come out.

More importantly, I hope she loves mice because behind my lovely, spotlessly clean house are woods, wetlands to be exact, and as a result I have a colony of white footed deer mice in my basement and attic.

That last paragraph I will not look back on. That's how freaked out I am about rodents. I heard them borrowing in the insulation over my head in the ceiling and behind bed in the wall of my bedroom last week and called an exterminator. $300 later I have a promise that they will all be gone.

That last paragraph, same deal.

So not only had I wanted to get a pet, I also wanted to get something to frighten the above mentioned problem.

I think I'll call her "Sage" not only because of the beautiful color of her eyes, but hopefully she is wise enough to protect me from the aforesaid.

I couldn't be more happier about marrying Capt. Being here full time and seeing him daily has been such a confirmation that we were meant to be together.

We picked a wedding date.....July 12, 2008, 6 months away! The wedding is going to be very simple. And at my house. Any ideas will be greatly welcomed.

In April, Capt's dad is throwing us an engagment party at Forbidden City Bistro. Isn't he wonderful? We all went there last night for dinner and it now is my favorite restaurant.

Are you still reading? There's even more:

Although Capt is so very handsome and looks healthy, he was a few pounds over his ideal weight.

Capt's diet usually consists of a six pack of Mountain Dew, doughnuts, Ding Dongs, Ho Hos, Taco Bell and KFC.

Two weeks ago Capt had a complete physical. The results came in a day later. All those years of foot loose and fancy free eating have come to an abrupt end.

Yes they have.


His doctor, a woman, has given him strict orders to change his eating habits; no more sugar, no more salt, no more fat and no more overdoing the carbs.


He cracks me up though.

That first night of his new eating program he came over for dinner. I made steak, vegetables and a salad. He grabbed a bottle of expensive balsamic vinegar and said, "Yummmmm, steak sauce" and poured it all over his steak.

After dinner we were sitting in the den. I looked over at him and he was staring into the fireplace. "What are you thinking about?", I asked.

"I see a pig with an apple in its mouth roasting", was his reply.

The first few days were hard for him, adjusting to no caffeine and no sugar after years of it its abuse is difficult.

The other morning I looked on the internet for ideas for a good diet for him and found an article about yogurt. The article said that eating yogurt with fruit on the bottom isn't very good because there is too much sugar in that type of fruit and, therefore, "Would you drink a can of Coke for breakfast?", the article suggested.

Well, ummm, actually, I was eating yogurt with fruit on the bottom and drinking regular Pepsi while I was reading the article at 6AM!!!!!

It's so true that whenever you point your finger at someone there are four fingers pointing back at you.

Looks like I'm gonna have to say goodbye to my terrible eating habits too.

And my new job. Well, it's not anything like I'm used to. The law is different, the procedures are different, everything is different. And unfamiliar.

I am missing my children, my neice and nephew, my old job, my old friends, my old co-workers.

And yet, at the same time I am having fun and moving forward.

And very busy.

Gotta go.

Thanks for checking in on me.


ThomasEU aka mofongoman said... last, an update...

Amrita said...

Hello Teresa visiting you after a long time, altho i have you subscribed by bloglines. Good you hear you are doing well.And advance congratulations!

Dawn said...

Such a lot of change - and all with good and hard. Blessings! And especially as you both change bad habits! That gave me a good chuckle.

It would definitely be hard to get used to everything different at once.

nancygrayce said...

When I got married at the ripe old age of 43, I inherited two children that I love but we had to adjust to one dad died suddenly 6 months after we got married, I quit my job to raise two more kids were already out of the house. I sold my house and moved into his house. There were so many stressors and even tho most were good, I had some moments when I wanted my old place just so I would have somewhere to be alone! I'm sure you and Capt. have already worked through these things...if not, do, it's really important! :) AND contratulations....oh, yea, we worked things out fine and he's the best husband and we love each other dearly after 12 years.

Nadine said...

It's hard to move from the familiar and start anew. It does sound like you are making a new life with a wonderful future with a good man.

jennster said...

hi! it's been a long time... nice to hear how you are doing- it is so hard to move and leave familiarity (among other things) behind..... best of luck to you both (and the cat)! :)

Yellow Mama said...

I'm so happy for you. Change is hard, but God wants us to look forward...that is why he put our butt in back. Congrats...sounds like you have a man with humor!

Lala's world said...

I am sooo happy for you.... sounds wonderful! and I hope the cat is a great hunter!!
I can't wait to see pics of your showers and your dress and the big day!