Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My View On Gambling

My sister and I were watching morning television yesterday when a commercial came on for a drug to stop Restless Leg Syndrome.

I happen to have RLS, but in a minor way.

When I get tired at night, usually around 8pm, my legs start a jumpin’. It looks as if I’m having a seizure. If I keep my legs confined during this time, my upper torso jerks instead.

It’s really quite a fetching sight.

(Just add that to the list of probable reasons why I haven’t found a husband yet.)

I usually am asleep by 8:30pm on any given night, so the festivities don’t last very long.

At the end of the commercial it claims that one of the side effects of the drug they are marketing may cause an increase urge to gamble.


Did I hear that right? GAMBLING?

You can take a drug that makes you want to gamble?

I’ve never been much of a gambler. In fact, the whole concept of gambling escapes me.

I’ve watched people gamble at casinos. To me, it doesn’t even look like they are having fun.
Once I put $20 into a slot machine and lost it all.

That was over 10 years ago and I still feel like I wasted my hard earned $20.00!

The way I see it is: I work too hard for my money and to throw it away on a slight chance of getting more isn’t worth all of that hard work.

Getting back to the drug - I’m just wondering if I take it will I feel differently about gambling?

It amazes me that a drug can cause an increased urge to gamble.


Is gambling really a disease that can be affected by a drug?

It’s just one of those things rolling around in my head right now and I thought I’d share it with you all.


Morning Glory said...

Gambling? I've seen those commercials but never heard that disclaimer. I'll listen harder next time it comes on.

Amrita said...

I 've not had a problem with it but I know that its addictive a compulsion.

Some people I know have the RLS, now I know what it is.

Monica said...

What? We wrote something about RLS for my job not too long ago but I don't recall that interesting little tidbit! Maybe it has something to do with folk being unable to sleep so they find something, um, better to do? Gotta listen out next time I see that commercial!

Anonymous said...

I understand that their are people with gambling addictions that need treatment, but everybody else should have the right to gamble
without restrictions as long as safeguards are put into place for those with a problem.

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