Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hey, I Wanted Those Hamburgers!!!!

About once a year I get asked to assist a well-known Hampton area chef with a fundraising event. It’s usually a big affair.

One year it was the Gilda Radner Cancer fundraiser where Alec Baldwin wanted to leave Kim for me. I think it was the 100 or so pan seared scallops he was downing as fast as I was searing them. That man can eat! He never told me he would leave her, but I could see it in his eyes....and in my mind. My mind is a fun place.

One year it was a Paris Hilton fundraiser. She was as sweet as pie, really.

Another year it was a Barbara Walter’s 20/20 thingy where all the celebs lounged around the pool as I made hotdogs.

HOTDOGS! Barbara Walters eats hotdogs.

At least they were Kosher. They have to answer to a higher power and all.

This year it was the Hillary Clinton fundraiser.

I declined.

I don’t live on Long Island on the weekends anymore and I’d rather not do all that work for free anymore. Which, by the way, is the only reason they ask me to help. It makes sense since they are donating their food and services, they’d rather not pay someone to assist the chef.

That and I follow orders well.

If nothing, I follow orders well.

Or I’d like to think so.

So I missed out on the big Clinton fundraiser which was $1,000 a plate, or $250 a plate if you sat further away than the Clintons and didn’t hob-knob with them.

But I got to eat the food because today I got a package delivered to my office directly from the caterer. It was the leftover gazpacho, duck confort and duck liver pate.

I’m pretty sure they sent it in a effort to bribe me into doing the next event.

"Yum, was this what was served ?", I asked.

"No, Bill Clinton asked to take home all the mini gourmet buffalo hamburgers. He couldn’t stop eating them", she answered.

Well, that figures....wasn't he always being spotted at fast food places eating hamburgers when he was president?


TheWriteJerry said...

fast food places and on top of interns. That's pretty much where you could find Clinton.

Theresa said...


Dawn said...

I thought ;you were going to say you didn't go because you couldn't stand Hillary - that's why I would not have gone! Or her husband.

Looney Mom said...

ha ha. bubba loves his hamburgers huh? too funny! miss ya!

Monica said...

Well, it certainly sounds like a lot of fun but you're a Nutmegger now! You can hob nob with Paul Newman and The Rock! (allegedly. If he hasn't sold his Fairfield home yet with the divorce and all.) Whew than man makes me swoon! ;-)

Ann(ie) said...

OMG!!! You've met all of those people??? I'm starstruck and JEALOUS. Well, maybe except for the Paris Hilton part. ALthough I do believe she's probably a lot nicer than she seems!!! Can I come next time???? I'll work hard and be vewy vewy quiet!!! say yes.