Monday, August 20, 2007

I Heart Teenagers

It’s no secret that I have a heart for teenagers.

The teenage years are the greatest in life.

Whenever I see a group of them I have to smile. The angst, the emotions, the sneakiness, the struggles to figuring out the’s all exciting to watch.

Yesterday, my daughter brought over her new boyfriend, Jay, for dinner.

He’s someone I met before and like, but the story he told me about when he was a teenager made me love him all the more.

He had three buddies he palled around with, one had his sights on horror film making and one was interested in creating the type of make up where it looks like you’ve been stabbed or disfigured and such.

Jay’s parents went away one weekend, leaving him, a teenager at the time, home alone.

Jay and his friends having a house all to themselves decided to create a short film in the kitchen. A horror film, of course.

They set up bloody foot prints on the kitchen tile, a bloody noose hanging from the ceiling, and took Polaroid shots of one of the boys lying in a pool of blood looking as if he was beaten to death by the other two.

They left the photos on the kitchen counter and the rest of the mess for that matter, and left the house to go about doing whatever it is teenage boys do.

Jay thought his parents were coming home tomorrow and that he would have a whole day to clean up the mess.

But his parents came home early to an empty house. And were horrified and rightfully shaken up. From the evidence left behind, they thought that Jay and his friend committed murder and fled.

When his dad finally located Jay, it took him a half an hour of pleading and explaining to convince his father that it was all staged and innocent, especially since the ‘victim’ jokingly refused to show his face in order to prove Jay’s innocence.

Teenagers. They really do crack me the heck up.


Dawn said...

Yikes!! I'm afraid I don't have the gene that makes that seem funny. I'm glad some people love the teen years. I had too much trauma with my kids to want to repeat it! But the grandkids are growing up way too fast.

Monica said...

Well, I've only been one, haven't had to live with one yet, not even my brother because I was out of college by the time he was teen and living on my own. I am blessed to know some great ones though, via some friends, and I keep hoping and praying my own come out as wonderful as they are. We're doing what we can but every parent of a great kid I know has said the same thing - they had nothing to do with it. That's just the kid's nature. reassuring and scary at the same time. Now if I came home to those photos? Man. I don't think I'd believe the worse but who knows. I hope I never find out!