Friday, May 18, 2007


It's Friday - whoopie!

Usually I am an organized person. That is one of my strongest qualities. All my other qualities are useless, and, unfortunately strong, and, most likely, the reason I am still single at my age. That, and the fact that I use too many commas.

So, in order to do this 'commute to work from state to state' thing, I have to stay in NY by switching between my sister's house and my children's apartment during the week. And I have to be very organized.

Monday mornings I leave my house in CT before the crack of dawn and drive to LI, NY. I have to make sure that I have packed enough work outfits and accessories to make myself presentable at work. And all my moisturizers.... oh my land.... I can't live without moisturizing every inch of my body twice a day; they take up a whole suitcase themselves.

Everything is working out except I am supposed to bring my own pillow and blanket, I forgot them this week.

The only thing I hadn't factored in was the cost of eating out as much as I have to. Or the fact that I have an uncontrollable need to spoil my niece and nephew everyday. Or the fact that I have no time to workout at Curves anymore. Or the fact that it is difficult to stay on the South Beach Diet when I don't have my own kitchen and all the basic staples that one needs to prepare the foods. So I expect to become a blimp by next month.

Other than all of the above, it's working out well.

Oh, and I don't know how my sister can stand all the cuteness that wakes up in the morning in their little feetie pajamas and climb down the stairs rubbing their little eyes as they run and dive in for their morning hugs and kisses! I just melt every morning.

Since today is Friday, straight after work I'm taking a ferry home, running up my driveway, unlocking my door, running up the stairs and jumping into my bed. I plan to sleep until 9am, which would be a small miracle since I always wake up at 4am.

I will post pictures of the house over the weekend since I have my laptop there.

And I have a question for y'all - Did any of you have housewarming parties when you move into your homes? My QFIL (Capt's Dad) is lovingly twisting my arm to have one. It sounds like fun but I don't remember ever going to one so I'm not sure what to expect or do.


Dawn said...

I've not had one, but have given one. It's great fun. It's just a great way to show your friends and loved ones your new digs and have some time together. It can involve a dedication to the Lord, if you wish. They can bring gifts or not. They can bring food or not. Go for it!

Way last September I mentioned briefly, in a tribute to my favorite teacher, that I had met Richard Nixon. You said I should write about it. Now - finally - I did and it's up. Hope you get a chance to visit!

Have a super week-end. Can't wait to see the pix.

Nadine said...

I can't wait to see the pictures of the new house. I personally never had a housewarming party. It sounds like fun.

yerdoingitwrong said...

That all sounds beyond hectic! But, I'll bet the sweet little faces and morning snuggles make it all worth it.

I had a housewarming party when we bought our home a couple of years ago and it was such a blast. We BBQ'd and lots family and friends over. I highly reccommend. It can be pretty laid back and simple, but you can show off your new place and I have no doubt your friends are dying to see it. SO am I. Post those pics!! You can give your blogger pals a virtual housewarming! =P

pos7ed said...

Ok, I give up. What does "QFIL" stand for? I think I got most of it.

Theresa said...

Pos7ed: Hi, how are you. Hope to see you soon.

QFIL stands for Quasi Father-in-Law....not really a Father-in-Law, but like one.