Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Me Me Want

Last night's conversation with my 2 year old nephew:

"Tewie, Me Me hair" - translation: Aunt Theresa, I want your hair.

"Jay, you want my hair?"

"Yessth, Me Me hair, off" translation: Yes, I want you to take off your hair.

"You want me to take off my hair?"

"Yessth, off hair Tewie, Me Me head" translation: Yes, take all your hair off and put it on my head.

"Umm, Jay, my hair doesn't come off".

"Waaaaahhhhhh" As he tugs on my hair.

*sorry about not posting the pics of my house yet, I plan to get it done this weekend.


Oh, The Joys said...

Does she think you wear a wig or something? Heh.

Theresa said...

Oh, the joys: He's 2 years old and African American. His foster mom, my sister, sometimes wears a blonde piece when she wants her hair to be thicker, so I guess he thought all women can remove their hair!

He's too cute!

Dawn said...

Too cute! There's nothing more fun than a 2-year-old beginning conversation.

Thanks for stopping by my Nixon post - it was such a fun memory to bring back. Posting the notes was really special and I love it that my husband got me this amazing machine for Christmas!

Nadine said...

Very cute.

MugwumpMom said...

Phew...so I didn't miss pics posted already!

Adorable conversation you had with your nephew..one of those profound this is what life is all about kind of conversation.

Oh, and housewarming...we just told people we'd moved, and would like to have them over to see the new house..we invited several friends and that was that...some came with gifts and some didn't and it was all very casual and laid back...the ladies even helped me unpack and set up my kitchen. It was fun.