Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm 50.

Hey there. Long time no see.

I guess turning 50 kicks the ever-living life out of you...I wasn't prepared for that.

So much has happened, I don't even know where to start.

My husband and father-in-law threw me a surprise party. And I didn't even have a clue!

However, I was wondering why my husband and his kids were dragging me out for breakfast at McDonald's at 8am on a Saturday morning because I'm not a fan of fast food, especially breakfast fast food. I was touched though, because when the children first get to our home for 'our' week they usually want alone time with their dad. I totally respect that and support it, so being invited to go out to breakfast with them should have been a clue.

But I'm clueless.

All I wanted to do was clean the house because the hardwood floors just got sanded and stained and the dust that keeps continuously settling out of no where is freaking me out. And all of the stuff that was put in other places in order to have the floors done still wasn't where it was supposed to be yet.

So when we got home at noon (apparently there were other important errands to run) my house was filled with family and friends. SURPRISE!!!! (Clueless=me) A lot of work and planning went into the party and it showed. I'm so thankful.

It was wonderful. And I didn't freak out about all the dust and clutter.

And that was a lame attempt at showing you a picture of the party, but alas, I am still a ditz of magnitude proportions and uploaded a picture of a stove in my garage that my husband is trying to sell. Hey, anyone interested?

See, I still don't know how to use the Dazzle yet, sorry.

But isn't it a cute stove?

Anyway, while the party was going on, I was on the cusp of getting my husband's sickness, the one I so fondly named 'The Hante Virus'. And this past week I've been down with it, while working the new job and the Clerk's job. So I haven't had the energy to be a blogger, sorry.

Oh, and I didn't get that plum job in Hartford. Here is a copy of the email the employment agency forwarded to me:

Just wanted to let you know that we will not be pursuing matters further with Theresa. We have offered the position to one of the other candidates who has many years of Connecticut family law experience and she has accepted our offer. As I indicated, we had condensed 172 resumes to 29 interviews to 6 second interviews to two final candidates of which Theresa was one. The determining factor was Connecticut family law versus New York family law and this individual fell into our laps and can come in and be productive from day one.

We were, however, extremely impressed with Theresa and if something changes or this individual doesn't work out for whatever reason, I will let you know.

And now in true Scarlett O'Hara fashion: I am going to concentrate on being the best Probate Clerk and part-time Legal Assistant there ever was. And I will never, ever be second pick again! (Apparently, I am still not well).


RR Mama said...

I hate you didn't get the job you wanted. A surprise party, you clueless. I am glad they pulled it off. I hope you are feeling better soon. Oh the boys and I made carpet angels last night! It was fun!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish you a blessed and very Merry Christmas! ♥ Hugs :) Shauna

nancygrayce said...

Well, I'll bet they'll be sorry they didn't hire you! And how sweet your surprise party was, love the stove!

By the way, when Russell's two boys came home from a visit with their mother (they lived with us) they were very quiet for a time and needed to have alone time with their dad. Somehow I always felt they had to shift from one world to another. It must be very common!

Staci said...

aww i love surprise parties!!! how sweet!!

The Farmer Files said...

Congratulations! Hope you are feeling better and get some rest. Hope we get to see the pictures!

Staci said...

WHere are you?? Hope you had a faboulous Christmas!! Take care!

Anonymous said...