Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Go Shorty

My husband has had a fever and stuffy nose for 3 days. I like to fondly call it 'The Hante Virus'.

I haven't been able to sleep because he hasn't been able to sleep due to lack of breathing through his stuffy nose.

Last night I insisted that he take some Sudafed, you know, those little red over-the-counter pills that you have to sign and show your ID for at the pharmacy because bad people chop them up and make Chrystal Meth with them.

Right before bed I told him that there are two little red pills for him on the kitchen counter and to take them. There was no 'please' in my demand; I do need my beauty sleep after all.

Due to those blessed pills, last night we both slept heavenly....until 2am when the Sudafed abruptly wore off.

"Babe, do you want me to get you anything? A drink of water? Some more Advil? Let me go down stairs and get you some more Sudafed?", I asked in the most pleasant, angelic, wifely voice I could muster at that ungodly hour.

"Stop with the Sudafed already, who are you, my drug pusher already?", was his groggy reply.

"No, but you wanna be my...." On second thought, maybe I shouldn't finish writing what I said. It was funny though.

I'm just hoping that 4 hours of sleep will be enough for me today, since I am starting a new part-time job.

And since my BIG birthday is next week...let the celebration demands begin! I don't have any blog-giveaways, since my finances are suffering from a horrible illness much worse than 'The Hante Virus', so I've come up with a virtual party plan...

Today friends, please stand up right now and do a little dance to this:


Theresa said...

I can relate to the lack of sleep!! The WonderHusband has had some type of flu bug since Friday night, therefore I am not getting much sleep. Hopefully the men in our lives will get better quickly!

RR Mama said...

I hope your husband feels better fast! Have a great b-day. Go get pampered. You deserve it after your lack of sleep and playing nurse maid. =)

Nadine said...

I hope your hubby gets well soon and you get some rest.

Cute video.

Beachy Mimi said...

Hope you get some sleep!! Have a great birthday!

Monica said...

Sinuses. That's my issue and Capt sounds like me. I had the lack of breathing going on. Went to doc. Got antibiotics to kill possible infection, pill for allergy and nose spray. Got better somewhat and now I can breathe but can't talk because of post-nasal drip in my sleep! Yuck! On a different antibiotic and oh so slowly getting voice back - I think. It's freakin' miserable. I feel your collective pain.

Congrats on the job and Happy Birthday to ya! And that video? Hilarious! Had to watch twice.

Dawn said...

Happy Big Birthday coming up!

My husband refuses to take anything when he's sick. But he does go sleep in another room so I can sleep - not my idea, but I don't mind!

Anonymous said...

I normally am congested from november to april, but since getting and using a "netty pot" I barely have any congestion at all.

Get a netty pot (most major pharmacies, also yoga supply stores) and wash that congestion away. See demonstration videos on youtube, but do not be terrified. A plastic netty pot can be purchased for about 15 bucks with little individual packets of salt mixes, but you can just use sea salt as well. For best results use very warm water, but not so hot that you find it uncomfortable. I use a third of a cup boiling water with two thirds of a cup of tap water to get a fairly reliable temperature.

This is one of those treatments that must terrify the pharmaceutical industry, because it is such a simple treatment, and replaces hundreds of dollars worth of much less effective medication in a single blow.

Note also ladies, my snoring has been greatly reduced since beginning to use this thing.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

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