Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

(Jacks always bring me back to a happy time in my life.)


Looney Mom said...

I TOTALLY love jacks. It would be really fun to play a game with you, my silly sister! Maybe some day!

Yellow Mama said... your previous post. I am sure your perspective on 9/11 is much different than someone like me living many states away. On 9/11, I watched CBN's tribute and they had some great stories. One woman who was mad at God because her husband was killed and her walk through to restoration. I just can't imagine. On that day I have family in many of the major cities...a teenage daughter on a school trip to another city and a husband who normally flew into LaGuardia (sp?) but was not in NY on that day...but even so, it must have been surreal. I really can't imagine...blessings on you this day!

Adi said...

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