Thursday, November 02, 2006

Open Letter to My Son, Dave

Dear Dave,

I never thought I could love you more than the day I first saw your pudgy angelic face. But I do, each day I love you even more. You are my first born son and that will always be a place of honor in my life.

But Dave, what the heck is going on? Why didn’t you tell me? I thought we were closer than that, I thought you were in a different place in your life. I thought you were heading towards your goal of becoming a great screenplay writer, full force. I am so proud of what you have done with your life.

Here you are in your third year of one of the most difficult writing conservatories in the country. My god Dave, only 20 students out of 2,000 applicants get in and you and Scarlett Johansen were picked. Scarlett Johansen Dave! Okay, she dropped out last minute to pursue “something” else, but you are with the best and you are at the top of your class.

You are in college. You have an SUV that is reliable, dependable and in good condition. What ever possessed you to purchase a brand new motorcycle? While you are in college? When you don’t even have any place to put it? When it just sits in the college parking lot ready for someone to come by with a truck and steal it? When you are supposed to be concentrating on your writing? When you are struggling financially? When you are planning on moving to China next year for a whole year? When it about to start snowing where you live? Where oh where are you going to store this overpriced DANGEROUS toy? Huh? And............. what if you get hurt...... or worse.......?

You purchased this three months ago and I‘m only finding out about it now. And only because I needed something in your room and found the paperwork.

Is it because I went ballistic when you were 21 and I was waking you up and found out that you had a huge tattoo on your back that you had gotten months before? Is it because I help you out financially while you are in college and you are afraid I will stop?

I’m glad your credit is so excellent that you can finance a $10,000 motorcycle. I really am. And I’m glad that you are enjoying your 20's. I really am. I’m glad that you are working on your lifelong dream. And I am proud of you that you are successful at what you are doing.

I’m just not really sure you made a good decision here. And I usually trust that you do make the right decisions. I’m just hurt that you made this decision, hid it from me, and forced me see how independent you really are from me.

You know I love you. No matter what. Just tell me one thing...when you cross the street you look both ways, right?


Morning Glory said...

Oh my goodness! What a shocker. Maybe he figured the gas mileage would improve.

Dawn said...

I'm with you on the motorcycle thing! And on finding a new tattoo that I didn't know about. I really dislike both! But what do you do when they're adults? Pray, pray, pray! I loved the Change Stations post.

Bunnymama said...

(sigh) So I have to find out about Dangerous Dave on a motorcycle and Dangerous Mom back on the horse. Where's the valium?

Dawn said...

The cruise travelogue is up!

Yellow Mama said...

I have two daughters and a little son. I've had a few surprises with the girls and probably will with the little man. I can certainly see your point about the motorcycle. Don't just tell him to look both ways, but to wear a helmet and a turtle shell if possible. I'm not a fan of motorcycles for those I love either!

Dawn said...

Believe it or not, I bit the bullet and re-wrote the blog. Not the same, I'm sure, but okay. Thanks for stopping by!

Looney Mom said...

Uh oh!! Dave, dude, you'd better put your big boy shorts on and talk to your mama - or maybe just run really FAST!

Take it easy on the guy T! I'll miss you if they take you away! LOL!