Monday, November 13, 2006

First Post A Deed

Well, this is the first "Post A Deed". Every Tuesday I plan on posting 10 deeds that you send to me in an effort to encourage, heal and lighten our spirits. Here goes:

1. I was standing outside my apartment and saw a woman with a backpack talking to the police, shaking her head and obviously protesting something. I didn't pay her much mind because I was off to church.

On the way to church, I stopped in at the local coffeeshop and she was there, standing and looking out the window. "Everything OK?" I asked her. Seeing her surprise that I spoke I told her. "I saw you and the police talking a few minutes ago."

"I'm on my way to my sister's" she said, but they thought I was homeless, so I told them I was meeting someone here. But I don't know anyone here and they are watching me to see if I meet anyone. If I don't, they want to take me downtown." I could see why they thought her homeless. And honestly, she might have been. She was disheveled, unkempt and smelled.

"Then have a cup of coffee with me." I said. "We'll sit in the front window and you can wave at them." And that's what we did. She talked for half an hour and it turned out she really was homeless, but going to see her sister, but she had to get to the bus station. I drove her to the bus pickup on the way to church and left her there.

"Thank you." she said. "For treating me like a person. I don't get a lot of that."

And people wondered why I was smiling at church that day!

2. I am a school teacher but unable to work because of physical disabilities..I look after my 75 yr old Mom and 84 yr old aunt. We manage on pension money. I work (voluntary) for my small church too.

3. When I found out that someone I knew was contemplating suicide, I took him out to dinner and a movie and made sure he was getting the professional help he needs. He told me how much he enjoyed feeling happy again.

4. The pastor and his wife at my church are struggling financially. Once a month I volunteer to babysit so they can have a date night together.

5. The elderly woman in front of me at the supermarket checkout counter was digging in her purse for coins to pay for her groceries. I was apparent that she was confused and on a limited budget. When she wasn't looking, I handed the cashier extra money to pay her bill.

6. I wrote a thank you note to my old teacher letting her know that I appreciated all the time she took to help me learn. I was a difficult child.

7. I overheard a young mother explaining to her daughter why they couldn’t afford new clothes at WalMart, so I handed the little girl a hundred dollar bill and told the mother that I once struggled like that too. Then I walked away very quickly.

8. While I was walking down a busy street I passed a woman who was crying hysterically. I turned around and asked if she needed a hug.

9. I gave a neighborhood teenager a ride when I saw that she was caught in the rainstorm without an umbrella.

10. When a woman was stuck in the store during her lunch hour because of a torrential downpour without an umbrella, I walked her to her office and shared my umbrella with her, even though we both got half soaked.

I hope you enjoyed these.

If you'd like to send a deed you can e-mail me at BlessedOne1211 at


Anonymous said...

What an inspiration to read all these quiet examples of love. Thank you for doing this. Let's all of us spread the word and make this grow!


Anonymous said...

What an inspiration to read all these quiet examples of love. Thank you for doing this. Let's all of us spread the word and make this grow!


Dawn said...

Good stuff! Thanks for starting this.

Nancy said...

There are such great people in our world and that is a blessing indeed... thanks for sharing the good deeds with us.

Yellow Mama said...

Enjoyed reading this tonight. It is a good reminder to reach out wherever I am...Thanks for the post.

Morning Glory said...

These were so good! Thanks for sharing them with us. I really, really liked that first one about the homeless lady.

Lala's world said...

that was amazing! what an inspiration for sure!

kellygirl said...

I was a little slow today. At first I thought this was a list of things 'you' had done! Wow...I thought you were a saint! Oh, this is a collection. It is still very awe inspiring. I still think you are wonderful! It makes me slow down and examine myself. And to be grateful for people who really do care about the human condition..about each other. Thank you!

yerdoingitwrong said...

These are so cool. It really made my day to read them! I LOVE number 1, but they are all such incredible gestures. What an awesome post!!

Looney Mom said...

Way to go! Uhhh... I can't think of anything to add to this topic. I guess I need to start doing more good deeds! LOL!

C said...

People can find the humanity in themselves if they look hard enough. huh?