Friday, March 14, 2008

Update, All is Fine

Many have written emails to me asking if I'm okay because of my lack of posting recently. Thank you for your concern. I've been going through a lot of changes this past month and working through them.

Although I moved to CT almost a year ago (but still worked in NY), I only permanently lived in my house starting 2 months ago. I was not as prepared as I thought for the separation of my family and friends and the isolated feelings that happened once I left Long Island permanently.

The job I relocated for turned out to be filled with unfriendly co-workers and a boss who has a reputation for being a character (that's the nice version). Coming from a firm that treated me professionally and like an equal must have spoiled me because the way I was treated here knocked me for a loop. I didn't see it coming. Lesson learned; horrible, horrible experience put behind me.

I have taken a couple of trips back to NY to see my children and friends this past month. That has helped a lot.

Searching for a new job has been a struggle and a humbling experience. Thankfully, there are a few options now that Capt and I are working on.

Capt and his kids moved into my house a few weeks ago for 2 reasons. His house has to get ready to be sold and for financial reasons. The kids have done exceptionally well with the adjustment, better than we thought. They have jumped in and helped with chores, painting, organizing much to our amazement. I like order and cleanliness, that is not a priority for Capt. Thankfully, the kids have respected that and actually seem to enjoy it.

Figuring out my role in the children's lives now that we all live in the same household has taken some effort and lots of prayer. It's going to be an on-going process, but we are all on the right track.

Being in this house, filled with love, quiet, fireside dinners, wild dancing in the family room (I've got some wild dance skillz, just ask Pookie), board games and jacks (the only 'sport' I can master) and just simply learning about each other has been perfectly wonderful. I look forward to our marriage in July and watching the kids blossom into teenagers soon.

And I will adjust to not having my adult children close by. And I will make new friendships here. In fact, I'm off to my Mom's In Touch prayer meeting in a few minutes. Those women are on fire with praying for our kids.

So, I'm fine, God's got me in a quiet place right now working out big adjustments and preparing me for future things. I'm happy and loving my life.

I'll be back soon.


Yellow Mama said...

I bless your search for a job. I bless your household and I pray you will know the mind of God in every area of your life!

Yellow Mama said...


Dawn said...

It was good to hear from you today. I am sorry your job was such a bust, and trust you'll find just the right thing - God is preparing it for you!

I had forgotten you had twins - boys, girls, one of each? I know what you mean about it being a blur - life goes fast when everything is double, plus more!

Morning Glory said...

What a great update on your life. I really enjoyed reading what's been going on. I hope with all my heart that you find the perfect job.

Nadine said...

I'm glad all is well.

Lala's world said...

so good to hear from you! glad you are enjoying your family!