Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's been awhile, I know, I know, but my just has been moving so quickly lately. I remember a post I wrote a year ago about how 'the rubber is going to hit the my I was going to stop spinning my wheels and how my dreams were going to come true in 2007.

Well, here I am, here it is, my new life and all the changes of my dreams. And, by the way, the burning rubber smell is filling my head with FUMES!!!!

Friday was my last day of work in the firm I've been at for 12 years. I left on a 5:15 ferry out of Port Jefferson, New York and I don't have any plans of returning. Not to say that I won't ever visit, but I'm not living there anymore. Two of my children still live on Long Island, my oldest son lives 90 miles from me in White Plains, NY.

I have fully relocated to Connecticut. I start my new job on January 7th. I begin training for the position as Hearing Citation Officer on January 8th (in the evening).

An even more important change is that Capt and I are getting married. And with that I'm getting two children, 12 and 10, a father-in-law, brother and sister-in-law, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

When we get married, they are moving into my house.

Not everyone, just Capt and his two children, my house isn't that big. And I doubt if everyone else in my new family could handle my quirks.

My future father-in-law got to experience some of my craziness on New Year's Eve when I freaked the heck out screaming, "We'll all get the Hanta Virus" after the kids broke the pinata in the basement and all the candy went flying all over onto the floor where a few months back there were remnants of a mouse, or mice.

Capt was holding his stomach doubled over in a fit of laughter and I was all, "what's so funny"? "If I would have just video taped you right now we would have won $10,000 easily on America's Funniest Home Video".

Apparently OCD is something to laugh about. Whatever.

It's good to be back ya'll. (or youse, for all my Long Island friends).

Please keep my mom in prayer, she had a few seizures and has been hospitalized in S.C. - thanks.


Morning Glory said...

You really have had an eventful year. I pray 2008 will be all that you dream it to be.

Happy New Year!

Karen said...

Good Luck with all the changes coming up. It seems 2008 is going to big, big year for you.

Dawn said...

I am so happy for you - for all of it. Do you have a date set?

Yellow Mama said...

Congratulations...I wondered when "it" might happen. New beginnings for you! Blessings.

nancygrayce said...

When's the date!? Can't wait!! All God's blessing on you.

Nadine said...

What blessings for you this year. It's great that his kids will live with you both. I'm assuming you all get along great.

I pray that your mom will get better and get out of the hospital soon.

Ann(ie) said...

My family finds my OCD hysterical, too. I'm with you...whatever. ;)
Prayers en route for your mama, love.

Happy NY! Hope 2008 is just as good to you as 2007 was!